We value our partnership with HR vendors, and as a service, we provide a variety of ways for vendors to promote their business to the HR community. Based on the method of sponsorship, we offer a range of promotional opportunities that are affordable and will give our HR vendors the greatest exposure possible.

Vendor Services Contacts

Andrew Burgoni

Monthly Meeting/Event Sponsorship 

Regular meeting sponsorship gives you the opportunity to advertise to everyone registering or looking to register online for a regular HRA meeting. In addition:

  • Allowed three to five minutes before our regular meeting to address the members that are present.

  • Provided with a table to pass out literature and/or network with our membership before and after the meeting.

  • Provided with one set of single-use mailing labels of all of the current HRA members. 

  • Invited to join our meeting for that day. If a meal or refreshments are served, the sponsor is invited to enjoy the meal or refreshments

  • HRA Website Advertising Logo and web link to your website

  • HRA E-Mail Broadcast Message sent to current membership and prospect e-mail distribution lists.   Vendor supplies text-based material in .doc format Text must be approved by HRA Board.

Sponsorship Costs 

Non-Member Monthly Meeting/Event Sponsorship - $300/meeting
Member Monthly Meeting/Event Sponsorship - $250/meeting

Terms for ALL Sponsorships

All sponsorship fees must be paid in advance.