HRA Mentorship Program

Seeking HR career advice? Looking for something to jump start your career? Want to lean on the experience of a HR professional for guidance and advice? You can by simply signing up for the Oak Brook HRA 2019 Mentor Program! Only one or two hours a month can make all the difference in helping you move forward in the Human Resources field.

March 10th 2019 Announcement: Greetings Fellow HR Professionals,

We are getting close to finalizing our plans for this years program...and you are invited!  What's involved? It's easy: click on the link below to complete a short biography and submit to get started. In April, we will have an orientation program to kick off the program. That's it! You will be paired up with an experienced HR professional who you will partner up with until the end of the year. The cost: only your time! You are not obligated to be a current member of the Oak Brook HRA.

Seriously, take a few minutes to think about joining this great program. A little time every month could make a big difference in your career. Have questions? You can reach out to Brendan, Shari, Jennifer, or myself. We are happy to walk you through what is involved.

I request that you submit your information no later than Sunday, March 31st to either Brendan Nicholls [email protected] or Dwight Klein [email protected] We will be sending out information about our orientation shortly after that. Thanks everyone for your time and consideration. Hope to hear from all of you soon and until next time...All the Best!!

Dwight, Shari, Jennifer, and Brendan