I Make Folks Un-Fireable!


August 10, 2021
8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
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The presentation, "I Make Folks Unfireable!", focuses on the desirable characteristics of an employee. From asking an employee to reevaluate how their personal goals and ambitions mesh with and further the goals of the employer/company to the right attitudes to a workflow management system, this message helps both employee and employer. Using the mnemonic “ABC”, the focus in this talk is on aligning personal goals and company goals, becoming an employee with a more positive outlook helping improve the workplace environment around you, and creating a WFMS (workflow management system) that increases productivity.

Speaker: Stephan Hammond, Founder of Horseless Ranch, Inc.

Steven Hammond

Steve Hammond is a passionate and engaging communicator. He has spent the majority of his adult life in front of audiences as a speaker, workshop leader, and panelist. As a former elected official of a county of 1.9M people, he had oversight over wastewater treatment, facilities, construction, and personnel. He has a wide variety of experience in life including building his own house, driving 18 -wheel trucks, sales, church work, and talk radio. Steven has spoken to audiences large and small most of his adult life. He has spoken and conducted workshops and training seminars in all 50 states.

To learn more about Steven Hammond, visit his LinkedIn page at https://www.linkedin.com/in/sbhammond/

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